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Bruchid Beetle Attractant Lure

Use Our Highly Effective Attractant Lures In Our Bruchid Beetle Traps

This highly effective attractant lure has been designed specifically to attract adult male and female Bruchid Beetles into traps. 

This reduces the male numbers of the Beetle in circulation, effectively halting their reproduction and breaking the Bruchid Beetle life cycle; providing you with complete control over the pest.

How Do I Set Up The Lure Inside The Traps?

Place the opened attractant lure in the transparent top of the Bruchid Beetle trap.

When Should I Use The Lures In The Traps?

Use the lures in your Bruchid Traps when flight of adult beetles is expected from the end of March during vegetative growth.

When Will I Need To Replace The Lures?

The lures are designed to last an entire Bruchid Beetle flying season (roughly 6 weeks).

Can I Store The Lures?

If lures are to be stored and not used upon receipt, you may store them in a fridge or freezer.

More information on how to treat Bruchid Beetles can be found on the product listing for our Bruchid Beetle Trap.

Bruchid Beetle pest & pest damage images courtesy of the PGRO, visit their website for more information on this pest: