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Artisan Natural Bee Skep

Handcrafted Bee Skep Provides A Home For Honeybees

This natural Artisan Bee Skep is a fusion between the traditional European skeps and the skilled handmade style of artisans from Bangladesh. This makes it a modern take on the traditional style bee skeps used for managing bees in the early days of beekeeping across much of Europe. This style of skep was traditionally used for collecting honeybee swarms.

A Lovely Decorative Garden Feature

The Skeps are now typically used for decorative purposes and will provide a lovely feature for any garden. 

Water-Resistant Designs Ensures Valuable Insulation For Wildlife

These Fairtrade, handmade, artisan bee skeps are tightly woven and their natural design ensures they're water-resistant and provide valuable insulation for wildlife. 

Each Artisan Bee Skep is handmade using natural seagrass to the highest quality finish and is plastic-free.

How Can I Attract Bees To The Skep?

It's always a good idea to plant wildflowers or other pollinating flowers close to the skep to attract bees and give them a valuable food source.

Where Is The Best Position To Place The Skep? 

The skep should be placed in a sheltered position and preferably raised off the soft ground. The skep can be anchored with tent pegs for extra support. It can be helpful to brace the inside of the skep with twigs and sticks to give the bees a starting structure and material to build their nest around.

What Size Is The Skep?

The skep measures 400 x 300 x 300mm.

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Beautiful, so well made. I shall recover many s swarm with this