Wildlife Habitat Creation

Gardens are playing an increasingly important role in providing a safe environment for wildlife to thrive in. Modern agricultural practices often offer very few areas where wildlife can survive.There are less hedgerows and woods offering breeding and nesting sites. This is combined with mono-crops that often provide little in the way of nectar or pollen for pollinating insects. Some farming schemes now encourage wildflower borders and margins around fields, which are to be welcomed. However the role gardeners and urban gardens can play in supporting wildlife is now very valuable to many species of insects, birds and bats. Dragonfli aims to help in this process by providing wildlife friendly products and advice to help create wildlife havens, whether in the countryside or urban areas.

Habitat Creation Guidelines:

  • Use the space you have effectively, do not over crowd small spaces
  • Flowering plants, meadows, trees & shrubs and water all provide key habitats for wildlife
  • Wildlife needs somewhere safe to breed and shelter, hedges and climbing plants on walls and hedges can provide this
  • Provide different species of flowering plants that will offer flowering over long periods, this ensures a good source of nectar and pollen for pollinating insects in the spring and summer
  • Delay tidying of borders until the spring to provide some places for insects to overwinter, some old deadwood is also good for beetles
  • Water features encourage a wide spectrum of  wildlife including birds, frogs and Dragonflies


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