Plant Boost Trichoderma 40g

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Price: £2.95

PLANT BOOST is a plant strengthener that contains the beneficial fungi; Trichoderma harzanium T-22, supplied in a granular form for mixing in compost or applying in a planting hole. PLANT BOOST is ideal for mixing with hanging basket compost, container compost or seedling compost. The PLANT BOOST granules provide plants protection from soil borne diseases and ensure newly planted plants have the maximum chance of survival after planting. Hanging baskets are often underwatered and the increased root system that Trichoderma fungi stimulate, help plants ensure that any moisture available is found by the roots. Trichoderma harzanium fungi is used by some of Britains largest vegetable and salad plant producers, now gardeners can share the benefits with PLANT BOOST.


  • Increased plant root development
  • Suppression of soil borne diseases
  • Increased yield for vegetables and fruits
  • Improved establishment of plants after planting
  • Easy to use granules for mixing in compost
  • Supplied in 40g sachet, treats up to 4 x 10 litres of compost

Mix PLANT BOOST granules with compost before planting at a rate of 10g per 10 litres of compost. PLANT BOOST can also be placed in planting holes, whether mixing or placing in planting holes, try to ensure that the granules have contact with the plant roots. Plants will also benefit from a second application of Trichoderma fungi three months after planting.

PLANT BOOST can be used with many different types of plants including Orchids.



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Last chance to treat Leatherjacket larvae

This short, fat leatherjacket  larvae does a lot of damage to lawns from August through to the end of October. The recent warm weather does enable later applications but should not be delayed to long now.

Once you have evidence of this grub under your grass, it is time to apply nematodes.

Available in many sizes -  100m2, 500m2 , these nematodes will seek out and destroy Leatherjacket larvae within 14 days of use. Can be applied by watering can or hose end nozzle.

This is a natural solution for leatherjackets in lawns. Leatherjackets are the larvae of crane flies, otherwise known as Daddy-long-Legs. The majority of the eggs are laid late summer and develop into Leatherjacket larvae in the late summer- early autumn.

Stop these horrible pests ruining your lawn by using a biological control.



Red Mite Season

The warmer temperatures are perfect for Red Mite ( Chicken Mite) to increase in numbers.

ANDROLIS is the name of the product for controlling red mite and northern fowl mite on all birds.

It contains predatory mites that feed on red mite. They kill all stages of the parasites from egg to adult.

Red bird mite [ Dermanyssus gallinae ] causes significant stress to infected birds and anemia, which  sometimes leads to death. Birds show signs of nervousness and even cannibalism.

Chickens/ hens  and other birds infected with Red Mite also see a drop in egg laying.

ANDROLIS is easy to use and is 100% safe to the birds, the environment and humans.

Androlis is available in 4 sizes     M, L, XLXXL