Greaseband Tree Protection

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Price: £4.99

Grease bands protect trees from winter moth larvae and caterpillars crawling up their trunks. This leads to reduced egg laying in the tree , so no new caterpillars will be present to feed on the new growth and leaves.

Grease bands are supplied in 3m rolls for wrapping the trunks of trees. The plastic is covered in glue to catch any caterpillars [ and ants ] that try to go over it. The rolls are green coloured , so as not to attract beneficial insects. Ants can be a pest to beneficial insects, like ladybirds, as they are attracted to the honeydew produced by aphids. To protect this source of food they can often remove beneficial insects feeding on the aphids. The Grease band will reduce the number of ants getting into the tree.

The glue used on the Grease band is made from natural resin and wax, which will not dry out or wash off.

Apply Grease bands to trees in January and February for winter moth protection and in the autumn for Winter moth and other moths.



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Bumblebee deliveries

Our 2017 bumblebee delivery season has begun!

Still time to order your live colony, as we are delivering though to mid-July.

If you already have Beepol Villa or Queen Beehive, you will only need to order the bees this year.

As usual, we will be pre-treating the cardboard with B401 to protect against wax moth attacks, but you will need to treat the wood on the Villa or Queen Beehive yourself.

If you have not had our bees before, then the Villa and bees will be delivered together with the bees in the spring ( May -July).

 The Villa 2017 also comes with a gift voucher for the large bumblebee colony making it a great present idea or can be pre-ordered  with a live colony for delivery this spring ( May - July)

Red Mite Season

The warmer temperatures are perfect for Red Mite ( Chicken Mite) to increase in numbers.

ANDROLIS is the name of the product for controlling red mite and northern fowl mite on all birds.

It contains predatory mites that feed on red mite. They kill all stages of the parasites from egg to adult.

Red bird mite [ Dermanyssus gallinae ] causes significant stress to infected birds and anemia, which  sometimes leads to death. Birds show signs of nervousness and even cannibalism.

Chickens/ hens  and other birds infected with Red Mite also see a drop in egg laying.

ANDROLIS is easy to use and is 100% safe to the birds, the environment and humans.

Androlis is available in 3 sizes M, L XL