Vine Weevil Killer summer (20m2)

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Vine weevil is one of the most destructive garden pests attacking a wide range of plants. Damage to plants is caused by both the adult Vine weevil beetle and the larval stage. However the damage caused by the vine weevil larvae is the most destructive and dangerous to plants. Vine weevil larvae live near the roots of plants feeding on the roots. For small or young plants the damage can be fatal. Symptoms will include plants looking like they have not been watered. On investigation at the root zone of the plant, small white larvae/grubs with a brown head will be found. Other symptoms of vine weevil attack are half moon shaped cut marks on leaves made by the adult vine weevil. The adults are largely nocturnal and remain hidden in the day. There are no controls available to gardeners for the control of vine weevil adults.

Vine weevil can be contained and killed with the use of Vine weevil killing nematodes. These tiny microscopic worms are watered into the compost or soil in open borders and most effectively in pots. Here they search out, infect and kill the vine weevil larvae. Infected larvae turn brown and die within a few days. The body of the vine weevil larvae is used as a host and releases more nematodes to kill more vine weevil larvae.

  • Vine weevil killer is easy and safe to use
  • Vine weevil killer is not harmful to wildlife, pets or children and leaves no harmful residues
  • Vine weevil killer provides fast control of vine weevil larvae
  • Vine weevil larvae are not able to build up resistance to this form of biological control
  • One pack treats up to 20 square metres or up to 200 x 30cm pots

Vine weevil killer nematodes can be used when soil or compost temperatures are above 12.c.  Ensure soil or compost is moist at time of application and avoid applying in strong sunlight, as the nematodes are UV sensitive.

Instructions for use:

  • Empty all of pack contents into 4 litres of water to pre-mix nematodes, this is important to ensure even distribution of nematodes when applied
  • Pour 1 litre of nematode concentrate into a watering can and add 7 litres of water
  • Apply using a coarse rose to avoid blockage in the rose
  • Mix and stir thoroughly
  • Water into pots/containers or soil
  • One pack of Vine Weevil Killer will make up 4 x 8 litre watering cans
  • Do not store made up solution , use as quickly as possible after mixing
  • Un-opened packs of nematodes can be stored in a fridge for up to 4 weeks

Vine weevil adults are highly mobile and may appear in your garden during the summer, so more than one application maybe required. Good practice is to apply Vine weevil Killer spring between March-May and Vine Weevil Killer summer between June - October.

Watch our video on the Nematode home page for easy instructions on how to apply Vine weevil nematodes.


Control Vine weevil naturally and safely with Vine Weevil Killer.

Customer Reviews -

"The only remedy, in my view, for Vine Weevil"  - Amazon review 28/10/15

"Have used before. I try to keep vine weevils under control. This helps.  I think that you have to gauge the best time to use it, for it to be the most effective."  Miss K ( 05/09/15)

" well described, easy to follow instructions. " C.C ( 22/08/15)

" great product, got rid of the little devils which invaded my raised vegetable borders meaning I couldn't use conventional wine weevil killer because you cannot use it on edible plants. Thank you for solving my problem so easily. "  Mrs O ( 20/05/15)

"This was the second time I have purchased this product as it worked so well the first time. "  S.C (09/06/15)




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