Taurrus M for snake mite control

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Price: £21.00

Taurrus M contains predatory mites that feed on the snake mite; Ophionyssus natricis. The snake mite is a parasitic mite that feeds on the blood of snakes. It can also infect Lizards.These parasites are fast moving and dark in colour. They can often be found around the eyes or mouth of infected snakes. They are also observed drowned in the water bowls in the snake vivarium. The parasites cause snakes and lizards intense irritation and can influence the behaviour of snakes. For instance snakes will spend more time in water trying to rid themselves of the parasitic mites. Lizards are also attacked by other species of mites, which will also be controlled by the predatory mites.

Taurrus predatory mites thrive at high temperatures, un-like other predatory mites such as Hypoaspis , which although being a good predator for sciarid larvae control in horticulture, is not suited to snake mite control, being less effective at higher temperatures and not feeding on the adult mites. Taurrus predatory mites [ Cheyletus eruditus ] feed on the whole snake mite life cycle from egg to adult and at the higher temperatures found in vivariums.

Taurrus predatory mites are easy to apply, supplied in a shaker bottle. The contents are sprinkled directly on to the snake or reptile affected. They can also be applied by special tubes called Prevorus tubes. These are filled by the material in the shaker bottle and have release holes in them for the predatory mites to exit from. The tubes can be tied to branches or twigs in vivariums.

Taurrus is a preventative and curative treatment for the blood mites, removing the need for chemical treatments.

  • Kills all parasite stages including the eggs
  • Does not result in needless handling of the snakes or Lizards
  • Has no after effects and leaves no harmful residues
  • Effective on snakes, lizards and turtles
  • Safe for the creatures and the user

One unit of Taurrus M will treat curatively 1-2 vivariums/ terrariums  and on a preventative basis up to 4 vivariums/terrariums. Repeat the treatment every 8 weeks or when required.

Please allow up to 7 days for delivery, as Taurrus mites are only harvested once a week.

Customer reviews -

The ONLY mite control I will buy . JG Amazon July 2017





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