Leatherjacket Killer ( 20m2)

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Price: £11.00

Leatherjackets (Tipula spp) can kill small plants in flower beds and vegetable plots by eating the roots and stem bases. Lawns are especially vulnerable to Leatherjacket attack, where the larvae eat the grass roots.

They are more numerous after a wet autumn, as the damp conditions favour the survival of eggs and larvae. Lawns will develop yellowish/brown dead patches and the Leatherjackets can be found by lifting up affected turf.

One of Leatherjacket Killer 20 square metres contains 10 million live nematodes ( Steinernema species) and will treat upto 20 square metres of lawn. Nematodes will seek out and destroy Leatherjacket larvae within 14 days of use. Can be applied by watering can .

Apply between March-June when soil temperatures above 10C and from August-end of October.

Customer Review -

'This item is excellent to get rid of and kill the larvae in my lawn when daddy long legs lay their eggs ' B.B on Amazon July 2017

'These nematodes are amazing - my leatherjackets have been killed off and my lawn is looking much healthier. Great product.' M.G  on Amazon 7/10/16

'Great Product!'   A.W  on Amazon 10/11/15

'This worked and my new lawn looks much healthier now!' J.F on Amazon 10/10/16



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Red Mite Season

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ANDROLIS is the name of the product for controlling red mite and northern fowl mite on all birds.

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Red bird mite [ Dermanyssus gallinae ] causes significant stress to infected birds and anemia, which  sometimes leads to death. Birds show signs of nervousness and even cannibalism.

Chickens/ hens  and other birds infected with Red Mite also see a drop in egg laying.

ANDROLIS is easy to use and is 100% safe to the birds, the environment and humans.

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