B401 - Anti Wax Moth Concentrate (120ml)

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Price: £19.95

B401 is our new natural bacteria for treating wax moth larvae for your Beepol Bumblebee hives.

Tests at Stockbridge Technology Centre in Yorkshire in 2015, resulted in 100% success rate for the efficacy of wax moth larvae on a Beepol hive.

B401 will not stop a wax moth from entering the bumblebee colony. However, once the moth has attached itself and its larvae to the inside of the hive, it will naturally ingest the solution which will kill it. This will stop the increase in larvae and eggs inside the hive.

If you see any moths, webbing or larvae inside your hive, please remove it immediately.

Provided as a 120ml concentrate, once it has been diluted, it must be used immediately.  To dilute, measure 10ml of B401 and add 200ml of water. Keep the solution in a spray bottle, to ensure a good coating of the liquid covers all areas of the Villa/ Queen Beehive or bumblebee box.

It can be used to treat all Villas,/Queen Beehives and the cardboard box that the colony lives inside. Ensure that you spray diluted B401 on to the outside and inside of your Villa/ Queen Beehive either before the bees arrive or when the bees are locked inside their box. Make sure you also spray the inside of the roof, as the wax moth likes to leave larvae up there. The cardboard box containing the bees can also be sprayed and left to dry before the bees are released. You will need to repeat the process if you receive a second hive during the same season. B401 can be kept in the fridge until the following year once it has been opened.

B401 is harmless to bees, wildlfe and humans, although we recommend that you try to avoid inhalation, contact with skin/ eyes and swallowing. Please use gloves when administering B401 and when moving the Villa or replacing the lid on a Queen Beehive or bumblebee box, once it has been sprayed.

Wax moth can start to hatch out earlier than it's usual June date, so ensure you spray your bees and their house at the start of each season, to ensure maximum protection.

Spray the bee box and house every 3-4weeks to ensure full protection.

B401 will be sprayed on every hive box before it leaves Dragonfli this year.



The nests and hives of a number of different bee species, including bumblebees, are sometimes invaded by wax moths.  Wax moths lay their eggs within or close to the bee nests and the larvae hatch then disperse into the nest ,feeding on the contents.  

If nests are invaded during the early stage, then the wax moth infestation is often fatal.

Signs of a wax moth infestation are initially long strands of silken webbing and then the appearance of grey/brown maggots amongst the bees brood cells.

Wax moths detect bee nests by scent and often lay their eggs during the night when the bees are less likely to attack them.

Unfortunately, BEEPOL bumblebee nests can be invaded by wax moths in the same way that wild bumblebee nests are affected. 




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