Beepol Tree Villa and Live hive Pre order ( 2018 delivery)

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Price: £185.00

The Beepol Tree Villa and live hive is perfect for keeping the bees safe from potential threats such as animals and children. The wooden bracket is easy to secure to walls, fences or trees and the Villa simply slides on.

The Beepol colony in our new Beepol Tree Villa is a  UK native  Bumblebee colony and is similar to those used by commercial growers  for pollination of tomatoes and strawberry crops. The hive starts with 60 - 80 workers, eggs and a queen. The workers feed from a bag of sugar water solution inside the hive.

The  Beepol Tree Villa that houses the large bumblebee hive is made from durable FSC sourced timber and  has a new felt roof  for increased weather protection.  The Beepol Tree Villa also incorporatesa  ventilation hole at the back and solid stable feet to keep level. The bumblebee colony that sits inside the Villa can be viewed when the wooden lid is removed.

Villa Measurements approx: W - 31cm / D - 34cm / H - 32cm

Beepol Tree Villas make  a significant impact in a  garden, not only with the increased pollination they bring but as a stunning wildlife feature. Beepol colonies help pollinate a wide range of plants including wild flowers, fruit and vegetables.

Beepols are also highly educational, teaching children and adults about bees. Watching bumblebees coming and going from a Beepol Tree Villa is highly enjoyable and rewarding. It helps demonstrate how bees work and live. Beepol colonies often also produce new queens, which can set up new colonies in the local area. The Beepol Tree Villa is designed to be re-used each year with a new Beepol bumblebee colony.

Enjoy seeing how a bumblebee hive works with a Beepol Villa.

Both Villa, bracket and Bees will be delivered together in Spring 2018 ( May - July). If you require the Tree Villa and Hive as a present to be delivered immediatley, please order the Tree Villa and Voucher option.

Beepol bumblebee hives will die out naturally after 2-3 months and do not overwinter. The lifespan is often dictated by its surroundings and can vary.

Don't forget to order B401- anti wax moth concentrate to your order, to protect your bees from their main predator, the wax moth.

Please note that the bees are ordered several weeks in advance,so cannot be sent out the week they are ordered. We will contact you the week before delivery to let you know the delivery day. If you have any holiday booked during our bee  season (May-July) , please let us know by email or telephone, so we can organise your delivery accordingly.

Due to delivery restrictions we are unable to send our bumblebees to Northern Ireland, the Channel islands and the Scottich offshore islands.

Northern Scotland postcodes and the Isle of Wight will require an extra delivery payment of £15.00 for Beepol products to be delivered. ( courier charges for certain areas) Dragonfli will contact any customers in these postcodes, by phone of email to take the extra payment. All postcodes affected are under delivery info  found at the bottom of this page.



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