Plant Boost Trichoderma fungi

Plant Boost  contains the beneficial fungi; Trichoderma harzanium. Plant Boost is a plant Strengthener that increases plant resistance to stress caused by plant diseases. The beneficial fungi in Plant Boost also aids plant growth and development. An application of Plant Boost  increases the root system on plants by increasing the number of root hairs on the roots, this helps the plants take up more water and nutrients. For many plants this will help with better yields. Trichoderma harzanium will also benefit brassica plants, which Mycorrhiza  fungi will not. Plant Boost is an ideal growing aid for plants like cauliflowers, cabbages and many other plant types.Trichoderma fungi are also know  to out compete pathogens in the soil or growing media, helping to protect plants from attacks by soil borne diseases.

Plant Boost should be used at planting or transplanting and placed as close to the roots as possible. It can also be incorporated into compost or growing media. The fungi are active between temperatures of 10-34C. Plant Boost is completely safe to humans, wildlife, pets and the environment, posing no risk to beneficial organisms.


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