Plant Care using bio stimulants

Just as animals need suitable environments, food, water and protection from diseases to survive and remain healthy, so do plants.

In fact, over millions of years of evolution, many long-established plant species have developed their own biological systems for ensuring healthy growth and survival within a specific environment. However, modern plant and crop varieties have often lost these systems over the years of selective breeding that we’ve undertaken to create them for our use and pleasure.

It’s therefore important that if we’re to successfully grow or cultivate plants, we look after them, ensuring they grow healthily and are protected from the many problems that could affect them.

Whether you obtain a plant from geminating a seed, a cutting or as an established transplant, it will need protection during the time it takes to become established. Without a healthy and robust root system, the flow of vital nutrients and water it needs to survive and develop will often be restricted. This is particularly a problem when plants are growing in poor soil types. In addition, whilst seedlings and plants are becoming established, they are much more vulnerable from attack by pests and diseases and more likely to suffer terminal damage.

 To combat these problems, Dragonfli is  actively identifying a range of naturally  derived products that have proven effects  in strengthening plants so they survive the  early vulnerable stages and maintain a  healthy and productive life. Whilst some  products will provide plants with a source  of essential nutrients, other products  incorporate beneficial microbes that form  a symbiotic association with plant roots,  making them stronger and more efficient.  Microbial products also directly compete with harmful soil micro-organisms and suppress them from causing damage to the plants.





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