Natural Insecticides

Here at Dragonfli we like to recommend natural solutions for the control of insect pests. In many cases we can work with the natural enemies of insects by introducing predators, parasites or nematodes to control pests without the use of insecticides. However sometimes the conditions are not suitable for the use of natural enemies, so we have to look to other options. It maybe that it is to cold for the introduction of beneficial insects or the pest population has exploded with very high numbers of pest insects present on plants.In these circumstances it is useful to be able to apply Natural Insecticides that will knock back the pest population, without leaving harmful residues on the plants they are used on. At Dragonfli we only select Natural Insecticides that will have the most minimal impact on the environment and wildlife. Many traditional insecticides are thought to have a negative impact on bee populations and leave residues that can be harmful to beneficial insects and wildlife.

Bug Free Natural fatty acid bug gun 1 litre & New Ecofective Bug Gun


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