Moth traps

Dragonfli is a specialist supplier of insect traps for monitoring insect pests and for contributing towards their control. There are two main classifications for traps used to catch insects;

  • Insect traps that use pheromones or attractants to lure and catch pests inside the trap
  • Sticky insect traps that use a colour to attract small flying insect onto a trap covered in glue

Monitoring insect pests is a key part of a pest control programme, especially when using biological control agents such as predators and parasites to control pests naturally. Insect traps can give advance warning of pest attack and help determine what the pest is and how serious the infestation is.

Other insect traps rely on attractants or sex pheromones to attract and catch insects and moth species. Fruit trees such as apple and plum suffer from attack by moths such as Codling moth and plum fruitmoth, which damage and destroy fruit. Pheromone traps are widely used for these pests and can be used by gardeners. Dragonfli has a unique glue free design that only catches the target  moths and not other insects. Ornmanental trees such as Horse Chestnut can also suffer from moth attack and there is now a trap for this moth.

A Horse chestnut leafminer trap , which is capable of catching many hundreds of Horse chestnut leafminers.





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