Greenhouse traps

The main type of insect  traps used in greenhouses are sticky traps. These traps  use their colour to attract insect pests and the glue on the traps to catch and trap the insects. Dragonfli offers a wide range of sticky traps for amateur and professional growers.

Sticky traps are used to monitor insect pest populations and contribute to the control of them. It is important to choose the correct colour traps for the insects you are trying to catch.

Colour Guide:

  • Yellow traps - Whitefly, Aphids, Thrips, Sciarid Fly, Shore Fly, Leafminers and Leaf Hoppers
  • Blue traps - Thrips, Shore fly [ blue traps catch less beneficial insects than yellow traps ]
  • White traps - House Flies, Stable Fly, Fungus Gnats, Macrolophus
  • Orange traps - Carrot root fly

Other colours are being tested for other flying insect pests.

Once sticky traps are full of insects and dust , it is important to remove and replace. For monitoring insect pests , sticky traps should be counted for the number of insects on the traps each week. Ecotraps are ideal as monitoring traps.







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