Natural Pest Control

Ladybird adult, pupa and larvae

Natural pest control could be defined as an alternative to controlling pests without the use of traditional synthetic chemical pesticides, although alternative often implies a less used or less effective form of pest control, which is now not the case. For example, the majority of glasshouse grown food crops now utilise the use of biological control for pests. These methods are spreading out into the production of other crops and into the protection of plants in amenity areas, where members of the public are present. Many of these products and beneficial insects are now available to gardeners and are offered in the Dragonfli Natural pest control product range.


            Traditional biological control with a Phytoseiulus persimilis predator feeding on Tetranychus urticae [spider mite]

Natural pest control often combines the use of beneficial insects such as natural predators and parasites with trapping methods such as the use of pheromone traps, sticky traps and physical barriers. Below ground, the use of nematodes for the control of soil borne pests is increasingly used for the control of vine weevil, chafer grub, sciarid fly and root flies.


Nematodes entering sciarid fly larva






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