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Beepol Bumblebee season is here!

Spring is here again and we are close to sending out the first Beepol bumblebees of the season. Live deliveries start in May. As a general rule of thumb, deliveries start first in the South of England and then work northwards. This is done to reduce any possible problems caused by cold temperatures and resulting shortage of pollen in the local environment.

This year we have two great Bumblebee hives designs to choose from, the Queen Bee range, launched last year and the new Villa 2017.
The Villa 2017 is our new standard design of wooden bee hive, designed to provide a sturdy, safe environment for the bees, whilst looking great in your garden. They incorporate a weatherproof roof and removable lid for access and viewing of the bumblebee colony housed within.
The Queen Bee hives are made to order, so please check for availability. For customers with Queen Bee hives or previous Villa designs, don’t forget to order your new Beepol colony for the 2017 season. If you have Lodges or Cabins, we regret there are no longer colonies produced that fit in these designs. We are offering an upgrade deal to existing customers for the new Villas, so please contact Sian at Dragonfli for details.

All our colonies will be treated with the natural bacteria; B401, against wax moths before they leave Dragonfli. However, customers should be aware that repeat applications may be required to protect bumblebee colonies from this nasty natural bee predator. B401 and a spray bottle can be purchased from Dragonfli. We suggest repeat treatments applied monthly to keep the B401 active.
We hope everyone enjoys their Beepol bumblebees in 2017.

Big year for natural pest control using nematodes
2016 saw some major insecticides withdrawn from the hobby and amenity horticultural sectors, especially those commonly used against turf pests. There are now no insecticides available to treat lawn pests such as Chafer grubs and Leatherjackets.
This presents a huge potential problem to green keepers, parks, sports turf management and gardeners lawns. Lawn pests can cause serious damage to grassland by the feeding they do on grass roots. This quickly turns large areas of lawns yellow as the roots are consumed. However the worse damage is yet to come!
The larvae and grubs of these insects catch the attention of animals and birds, which see them as an ideal food source. They then proceed to rip up lawns to find the grubs. This damage is especially bad when badgers are involved, as they rip up large areas of turf.

There is a natural solution in the form of nematodes, tiny microscopic eel like worms, which can be watered into lawns during the summer. They then seek out and kill the larvae and grubs of these pests. More on these natural enemies in a summer newsletter.
New nematode treatment for Carrot Root Fly

Carrot root fly is another pest with no insecticide treatments available to gardeners.
Last year Dragonfli carried out trials at RHS Harlow Carr gardens using a nematode against the carrot root fly larvae. The results were very successful with no damage being recorded in the treated areas. The trials are being repeated this year.
Dragonfli customers can now buy Carrot Root Fly Killer nematodes for the control of carrot root fly larvae  
Simply water the nematodes into raised beds or open beds where carrots are growing. The nematodes will then search for and kill the larvae in the soil. Repeat applications may be required as there are more than one generation of carrot root fly in a year.
Use the code CARROT10 at the checkout to get 10% off your order for this nematode.
The timing of the applications can be improved with the use of carrot root fly traps. These will catch adult carrot root flies on specially angled orange sticky traps designed to catch carrot root flies and not other insects.
Julian's Journal
I predict this is the year of the nematode!
The use of beneficial nematodes for pest control has been increasing steadily over the last few years but now they stand to be used more than ever, due to the withdrawal of several commonly used insecticides. The choice of whether to use biological control or not is now more, what else can I use to control certain pests? Nematodes are safe to use, provide effective control [ if used correctly ] and have no negative effects on the environment.
Here at Dragonfli we have been busy preparing lots of new nematode pack sizes for all types of garden sizes and for lots of different pests.

20m2 nematode packs
Beepol Villa 2017

The Villa 2017 is our new look Villa for this year.
The bees can be easily observed by removing the roof and looking through the ventilated top.
The entrance ledge has direct access in to the hive, where your 'guard bees' will often be seen patrolling!
The Tree Villa for raising the bees up onto trees, walls and fences is now available to order.
Our van runs are filling up, so order your Villa and hive now, for delivery towards the end of May and into June.

More Info|  Prices from £165 

The Wax Moth begins to emerge during June.
Although we will spray the cardboard colony box with B401 before we send you the bees, it is important for the Villa or Queen beehive to be sprayed too.
It will not stop the moth from getting in to the hive, but should stop the spread of the larvae and webbing it likes to leave.
The concentrate lasts for 2 years once opened, if kept refrigerated.
We have a B401 spray bottle pack this year, so you can have a dedicated B401 spray bottle at hand when needed.
More Info / Prices from £19.95

Dragonfli Natural enemy nematodes can be used against the following pests;

  • Vine weevil larvae
  • Fungus fly larvae
  • Leatherjackets
  • Chafer grubs
  • Carrot Root fly
  • Slugs
  • Other soil borne pests
Easy to apply with a watering can, the nematodes will get to work underneath the soil, killing larvae and seeking out more to feed on.
We have nematodes available for 20m2, 50m2 and 100m2 .
More Info | Priced from £11
Carrot Root Fly 

Carrot Root Fly Killer Nematodes - 

  • Provides safe, natural and biological pest control of carrot roof fly larvae
  • Treats an area up to 20 square metres
  • Chemical free control
  • Carrot root fly larvae cannot become resistant to nematodes
To help detect Carrot root fly and help to reduce their numbers, place a Carrot root fly trap in the soil bed where you are growing carrots.
Regular use of the Carrot root fly trap during the spring and summer will help reduce carrot root fly adult numbers and act as an early warning of their presence. 
More Info| Prices from £11
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Solitary Bees- declining numbers

November 2016

The number of Solitary Bees that are going to make it through winter in the UK  are much lower than normal.
Our producer of Solitary Bees has been checking his production nests and unfortunately many have failed.
It looks as there will not be many live cocoons for us to harvest next spring.
This goes to show how fragile plight of many bee species is. It is difficult to always know what is causing the problems.
For those of you with solitary bees nesters, it is a good idea to move any nesting tubes that are inhabited into a shed or garage for the winter. This will protect them from predators such as birds. Woodpeckers especially, love eating the cocoons. If this is not possible, try putting some netting over front of your nester to prevent birds getting access to the tubes. It is also a good time to clean out any empty tubes. This will remove any parasites and make the nesting tubes more likely to succeed next spring when new eggs may be laid inside. The tubes can be returned to the nesters in March when temperatures start to rise.

Establishing areas in your garden with pollen bearing plants is also important to encourage solitary bees to mate and lay new eggs in your nester tubes.
Lets do all we can to ensure solitary bee numbers increase.


It is especially important next spring, to encourage the solitary bees that do make it through to spring, to mate and lay new eggs in nesting tubes and habitats. This can be as simple as making sure that your nesting tubes are facing south to south-east. Also, make sure that your nester has a solid back and is not swinging in the wind.
Bees will not attempt to use these ones.



Solitary bee nesters make great gifts.
Have a look at our range of colours and designs, to liven up any garden.
Help the bees in your garden and give a very worthwhile gift with a solitary bee nester from Dragonfli.



November 2016

The New Beepol Villa 2017 is here!


We are pleased to announce the arrival of the New Beepol Bumblebee Villa 2017.

This replaces the copper roofed Beepol Villa and is a replacement for the Beepol Lodge, which we can no longer source bumblebees for. The new, sturdy Villa is designed to be robust and practical.
The Villa 2017 will be supplied with our standard Large Bumblebee colony, which is larger than the old style Lodge colonies and provides more space for the bees to expand their colony in. The roof is covered in a rough, grey felt which is waterproof and sturdier legs prevent damage in transit or when in situ in your garden.

The top of the Villa can be completely removed to allow access for viewing or maintenance. The old anti-wax moth door has been removed, as tests over the past 2 years have show that the application of B401 solution provides better protection against wax moth attacks.



Pre-order the new Beepol Villa before Christmas


If you pre- order the new Beepol Villa and live hive before Christmas it is available at £150, which is the same price as the old Beepol Lodge and significantly less than the price of last years Copper Roof Villa. The price after Christmas will be £165.
Deliveries can be pre- booked for between May and July next year.


If you prefer the Villa and voucher as a Christmas gift, we can send the Villa and voucher for bees in December, also great value at £155 including delivery. Return the voucher to us after Christmas and we will dispatch the bees during our bee delivery season.



Queen Bee hives are still available



The limited edition Queen Bee hive launched this year in celebration of the Queen's 90th birthday. 
We now have 6 colours available, to choose from. - White, Seagrass, Blue, Pale Lilac, Lime Green and Purple. However, numbers are limited and no further Queen Bee hives will be produced after this year.
You can pre-order the live version, to be dispatched next year or receive a voucher version to be delivered immediately, if purchasing as a gift. The Queen Bee hives are not included in the cheaper price offer.
The Queen Bee hives fit the large Beepol hive box, giving a gorgeous home for the bees all season.



Julian's Journal


Although it was sad to see the last Beepol colony for the Beepol Lodge being dispatched this year, I do believe the Beepol range is now stronger than it has ever been.
The new Villas are robust and great looking, while the Queen Bee hives offer the option of the coloured bumblebee homes and a classic bee house look.
Both are designed to fit the large Beepol bumblebee colonies, that are now our standard bumblebee colony. These colonies contain more workers and have the space within the colony box to develop into much large colonies than the old Beepols.


The bees' old foe, the wax moth, whilst still around in the summer, can now be countered by regular applications of the natural bacteria, B401. This is harmless to bees and humans, but deadly to wax moth caterpillars. 


Our new pack of B401 with a spray bottle for applying the solution to your hive, is now available and great value at £21.95

The addition of either the Villa or Queen Bee hive brings a fascinating new dimension to any garden and the voucher versions make a unique Christmas gift.



Beepol Villa 2017

Pre order the Beepol Villa 2017 with either a LIVE hive or gift voucher before Christmas, to take advantage of the cheaper price.
Voucher versions will be dispatched in December, in time for Christmas and the LIVE version will be dispatched during our Bee delivery season May-July.

More Info Prices from £150


Large Hive Vouchers

If you already have a Villa or Queen Beehive, the vouchers for next years bees are a great Christmas present idea to pitch to your family and friends, to save receiving unwanted gifts.
The voucher  is returned to us next year and we will dispatch your bees during our bee delivery season. 
Vouchers are available all year round and are dispatched within 2 days.

More Info / Price £99


Queen Bee hives

A new colour joining the original Queen Bee line up, is purple
We know that bees like lavender, so this colour choice was a must!
The Queen Bee hive collection brightens up any garden and look fabulous amongst plants, shrubs and summer flowers.
Don't forget that the range is a limited edition and will sell out quickly. 

More Info | Priced from £199


Pre-order your 2017 bees

Whether you have a Villa or Queen Bee hive, it is always best to get your bee orders in early so they can be delivered during our first few weeks of dispatch.
Sending a quick email to sales@dragonfli.co.uk once you have placed your order to indicate the month you would like them delivered or any holidays that you have that are unsuitable for bee deliveries, gives us a chance to get your bees organised.
Live hives are available to pre order now!

More Info| Price £95





October Offers from Dragonfli

October 2016


The hedgehog Igloo comes with a FREE ceramic feeding bowl & moist Spikes Meaty Feast hedgehog food.

The Bug Palace will keep over wintering, beneficial insects warm this winter and come with a FREE ladybird guide. 


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Bumblebee deliveries

Our 2017 bumblebee delivery season has begun!

Still time to order your live colony, as we are delivering though to mid-July.

If you already have Beepol Villa or Queen Beehive, you will only need to order the bees this year.

As usual, we will be pre-treating the cardboard with B401 to protect against wax moth attacks, but you will need to treat the wood on the Villa or Queen Beehive yourself.

If you have not had our bees before, then the Villa and bees will be delivered together with the bees in the spring ( May -July).

 The Villa 2017 also comes with a gift voucher for the large bumblebee colony making it a great present idea or can be pre-ordered  with a live colony for delivery this spring ( May - July)

Red Mite Season

The warmer temperatures are perfect for Red Mite ( Chicken Mite) to increase in numbers.

ANDROLIS is the name of the product for controlling red mite and northern fowl mite on all birds.

It contains predatory mites that feed on red mite. They kill all stages of the parasites from egg to adult.

Red bird mite [ Dermanyssus gallinae ] causes significant stress to infected birds and anemia, which  sometimes leads to death. Birds show signs of nervousness and even cannibalism.

Chickens/ hens  and other birds infected with Red Mite also see a drop in egg laying.

ANDROLIS is easy to use and is 100% safe to the birds, the environment and humans.

Androlis is available in 3 sizes M, L XL




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