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Dragonfli Limited is dedicated to research, develop and market new, innovative wildlife friendly products. Our ethos is one of enriching and enhancing the natural biodiversity that inhabits the British Isles.

Dragonfli aims to sustain and boost populations of important beneficial insects,animals and birds in the United Kingdom. This includes creating wildlife habitats suitable for supporting pollinating insects and the introduction of native bumblebees to boost local bee populations. The Dragonfli Beepol bumblebee hive not only provides increased pollination for gardeners fruit and vegatables but also helps pollinate many different wildflowers,helping their survival and continued future in areas where they are in decline. Beepol bumblehives also release new queens into their surrounding environment to help increase local bee populations.

Dragonfli works closely with British nurserymen and seed suppliers to provide native plants and seeds to create rich environments to support populations of bees, butterflies and other wildlife.

Some insects are less welcome in gardening, horticulture and agriculture due to the damage they can cause to gardens and to commercial crops. Dragonfli has a wealth of experience, drawn from expertise in commercial horticulture, on how to control insect pests when required with products that cause minimal damage to countryside, beneficial insect populations, wildlife , humans and domestic pets. These products can take a variety of forms; biological control using natural predators, parasites and nematodes or natural, short persistence insecticides. Dragonfli can advise and supply the most effective, natural and safe option for natural pest control.

General plant care is also essential in the maintenance of vibrant wildlife habitats, gardens and commercial crops. The over use of man made fertilisers and fungicides in the past has also impacted on plant, insect and wildlife populations. A key solution for reducing the use of these products is to stimulate plants natural defences with the use of beneficial fungi, bacteria and plant stimulants. Dragonfli is leading supplier of Mycorrhizal fungi products and other beneficial fungi and bio stimulants.



Dragonfli and the individuals, companies and industries we work with truely care about protecting Britain's wonderful, diverse environment and the future of our food safety.



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Spider Mite Control 

Red Spider Mite is one of those pests that simply refuses to be controlled at times. Luckily we have a few great options to hammer down pest populations and stay on top of the problem. 
Spider Mite Killer – Phytoseiulus persimilis predators are fantastic for use when red spider mite is present in large numbers. This hungry predator will munch through up to 20 red spider mites per day. Available in a number of sizes to suit your treatment area.
Spider Mite Killer Sachets- Amblyseius andersoni predators are excellent when used as a preventative or long term control method for spider mites. Utilising the ability to feed on pollen even when prey is sparse these predators can survive for longer allowing introduction before infestations can build up. These predators feed on eggs, young and adult spider mites making them ideal to break pest life cycles long term. 



Red Mite Season

The warmer temperatures are perfect for Red Mite ( Chicken Mite) to increase in numbers.

ANDROLIS is the name of the product for controlling red mite and northern fowl mite on all birds.

It contains predatory mites that feed on red mite. They kill all stages of the parasites from egg to adult.

Red bird mite [ Dermanyssus gallinae ] causes significant stress to infected birds and anemia, which  sometimes leads to death. Birds show signs of nervousness and even cannibalism.

Chickens/ hens  and other birds infected with Red Mite also see a drop in egg laying.

ANDROLIS is easy to use and is 100% safe to the birds, the environment and humans.

Androlis is available in 4 sizes     M, L, XLXXL




Keep up to date

Receive all our latest offers and product updates by email.