Beepol Queen Beehives

To celebrate the Queens 90th birthday in 2016 ,we  launched the Queen Bee range of Beepol bumblebee hives. A limited edition created to mark this unique time. The Queen Bee hive makes a beautiful and fascinating addition to any size garden.

  • Made in Britain to a British design
  • Designed to house our large Beepol colony of native UK bumblebees
  • Beautifully crafted
  • Painted with a weather resistant  bee friendly paint in a range of colours.
  • Voucher to return during our bumblebees season (May- July) for a live colony of bees
  • Ventilation hole
  • Easy release system
  • Maintenance free

Beepol Queen Beehives are supplied with a large Beepol bumblebee hive containing a UK native species of bumblebee; Bombus terrestris audax. Each colony is supplied with a queen, workers,eggs and a sugar water food supply for the bees. A small amount of pollen is also added to the colony to help the bees during their transportation. Each large hive colony starts with about 50-60 workers.

A live hive inside a Queen Beehive

Beepol bumblebees can be used to pollinate a wide range of plants including fruit trees, soft fruit, wildflowers and vegetables.

For further information on how many Beepol Queen Beehives would be required for pollinating larger areas, consult Dragonfli for more detailed advice.

Due to overwhelming demand we only have 4 hives left in the Queen Bee range -

 1x Pale Lilac  and 3 x Seagrass ( as of 21/06/17)

We will keep  updating this page, as and when more become available.

Apologies for any disappointment.


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