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These are the photos from our customers about their Beepol Bumblebees.

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John C's Villa  nestled amongst his pot plants ( July 2017)

John's bees fanning themselves on the ledge ( June 2017)

Roger's Villa with makeshift shade during the heatwave ( June 2017)

Huw's Queen beehive entrance looks very busy ( June 2017)

Janet's Villa in a lovely shady spot ( June 2017)

Warminster School in Wiltshire setting up their Queen Beehive ( May 2017)

Bees & beer at the Rumblie Guest House ( May 2017)

Very busy on the ledge of this painted Villa ( May 2017)

Carol's  bees mapping their way back to the Villa ( May 2017)

A personalised Queen Beehive by Fleur ( August 2016)

Mr B's surprise 60th birthday present! ( August 2016)

The Villa at St Botolph’s Church, Longthorpe, Peterborough  ( July 2016)

Photo sent in by J Davis

The Queen Beehive at the Dragonfli Office ( July 2016)

Trevor's secluded Villa ( July 2016)

Roger's fence-mounted Villa ( June 2016)

The Queen Bee (pale lilac) in the new wildlife garden of Peter Beales Roses in Norfolk

( June 2016)

The Rumblie Guest House's gorgeous garden and Villa ( June 2016)

Robin's Queen Beehive ( June 2016)


Tony's tucked away Villa  and Solitary Bee Nester( May 2016)

Neeley's Beepol Montage (May 2016)


Alan's Bees Highland Villa (Aug 2015)


Howard's Tree Lodge ( July 2015)

Shaun & Elaines' Villa tucked neatly under a tree. ( July 2015)

Adrians' beautiful garden - can you see the lodge? (June 2015)


Sophie's lodge tucked neatly under a tree ( June 2015)



Lisa has taken a short video of her bees in the garden ( June 2015)

Highlight the link and select  Open in new tab

Alison A had a close encounter with a Queen bee and took some great shots in her garden   ( June 2015)


Claire M's bees enjoying some chives! ( June 2015)

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Penthouse view from Paul C's fence! ( May 2015)


Sue's lodge in a lovely shaded area (May 2015)

Judy's Villa is set up and ready to go! ( May 2015)

Lisa's bees have a lovely setting (May 2015)

Ian's bees have some gnome friends to keep them company! ( May 2015)


Ben J's bees will have a great view of the garden from the entrance hole.  (May 2015)

Tom S's bees will enjoy his guitar playing in the garden this summer! ( May 2015)

Shelagh's guard bees are always on duty in the Villa.( May 2015)


Mark H's 2015 lodge & garden

Toms lovely garden & bees (April 2015)



Steves' lodge is in a precarious postion on top of his hen coop!  (Aug 2014)

Mark H's lodge complete with a bee bar for quenching thirst and

mint plants to repell wax moth. (Aug 2014)

Tom's bees have been working hard today.   (July 2014)


Sandra took an excellent shot of one of her bees.  (July 2014)

Terry has sent in a great photo of the insect habitats in his garden and has had many guests move into them. ( July 2014)

The Grow Mayow Community Garden Project in Sydenham, have placed their cabin behind the pond, so the children who have sponsored it can watch it safely. They already want another hive for next year!   (July 2014)


A very busy bee in Jennifer's garden   (July 2014)



Claire M sent a few pics of security dealing with an intruder on her lodge! (July 2014)


Spot the lodge! Great location at the Rumblie Guest House in Laggan, Newtonmore.

(July 2014)


Honey has personalized her lodge. The bees have a very fancy home to come back to!

This is on display at The Wheatsheaf in Thornbury, near Bristol. (June 2014)

Great shot from Mark of a bee coming into land on a poppy.  (June 2014)

Gez's bees have a water feature outside. Very posh!  (June 2014)


Joan's bees have a lot of pollen to carry. (May 2014)


Dean S has got a great platform for his cabin  (May 2014)

Tracey H put a hidden camera in her hive and can watch them whenever she likes!

(May 2014)

The Beepol lodge in the Dragonfli garden ( April 2014)

Claire M - Bees chillin' on the porch!  (April 2014)

Brian P giving a tired bee a drink!    (April 2014)



Peter C -  A hive of activity!     (April 2014)



David B's Beepol (2013)

Showing Beepol hive lid removed and the new wax cap that the bumblebees are constructing over the brood cells.



Mr & Mrs I's Lodge in amongst the heather (2012)

(note it's an original 3 hole version!)



Guard bees in Anna's Beepol Lodge (2012)


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