New Beepol Villa 2017

The New Beepol Villa 2017 has been designed to house the LARGE Beepol hive and will look fantastic in any garden. 

The Beepol Villa 2017 is handmade in the UK from timber sourced from FSC plantations. There is a ventilation hole at the back for air flow to the bees and to allow the hive to cool down in hot weather conditions. Sturdy wooden legs raise the villa off the ground. The grey, rough felt roof is for weather protection .

The roof  is detachable and helps to access the bees.The bee entrance hole is designed to lead directly into the large colony, which makes it more difficult for wax  wax moths to access the colony. With an application of B401 to the colony box every 3-4 weeks ,the anti-wax moth doors on previous Villa models are not needed anymore.


                                         Detachable roof                                                   The entrance hole leads directly into the colony.

The Beepol Villa 2017 is available to pre order now with a voucher for a live bumblebee colony. The voucher is returned to Dragonfli in the new year and the bees are delivered during the spring.

Beepol Villa 2017 with LIVE large hive is supplied with a large Beepol bumblebee hive containing a UK native species of bumblebee; Bombus terrestris audax,  which will be delivered next spring. Each colony is supplied with a queen, workers,eggs and a sugar water food supply for the bees. A small amount of pollen is also added to the colony to help the bees during their transportation. Each large hive colony starts with about 50-60 workers.

The large hive is now the only hive size available, replacing the original Beepol hive that fitted inside the Beepol Lodge, both have which now been discontinued.


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